Our TravelDeals 2023 in the
DB mobil magazine

Our great get-to-know offer! For only EUR 8,970 (EUR 3.37 CPM), you can reach 2.66 million rail passengers with your coupon in February and March 2023.

Your 2023 voucher campaign in DB mobil

Since 2022, train passengers, especially those on long-distance services, have been delighted with our TravelDeals in the DB mobil passenger magazine. The TravelDeals are an excellent way to draw attention to your brand and your offer.

Rail passengers spend several hours on the train on average, have free Internet access thanks to WIFI@DB, and are very happy and demonstrably pick up Deutsche Bahn’s popular customer magazine „DB mobil“ during the course of their train journey.

2.66 million

(*Placement in 2 issues with 1.33 million reach each, AWA Allensbacher Markt- und Werbeträgeranalyse audited 2020)

Next TravelDeals Campaign

Includes 1 mid-term layout change.

Top Placement
First right ad-page

Placement on the first right-hand ad page in the magazine

Net household income of EUR 3,733

52% of DB mobil readers are male, on average 50.3 years old and have a household net income of €3,733.

Profitable acquisition of new customers

We at Verbundwerbung24, know what matters. That’s why 2.66 million rail travelers will find TravelDeals on the first right-hand advertising page of the free passenger magazine „DB mobil“ during the campaign period. This placement not only ensures maximum attention, but also maximum sales results.

Choose your ad size

We recommend the standard coupon to partners who want to achieve the maximum ROI. The premium coupon stands for more attention and offers more space to communicate your message.

Standard Coupon

€ 8,970

Premium Coupon

€ 15,600

Travel-Deals Issue Campaign period Booking deadline Reach Layout change
Spring 2023 27.01. – 30.03.2023 07.12.2023 2,66 Mio. 1
Summer 2023 28.04. – 27.07.2023 07.03.2023 2,66 Mio. 1
Autumn 2023 25.08. – 26.10.2022 06.07.2023 2,66 Mio. 1
Winter 2023 24.11. – 31.12.2023 04.10.2023 1,33 Mio. 0


What is the difference between Verbundwerbung24 and other providers?

We are the only provider in the German market that offers its customers a sales guarantee, because we know exactly how successful our campaigns are. If you don’t achieve the desired sales results with us, we will refund you up to 30% of the advertising costs.

What’s more, campaigns that you can book with us are only available from us. All our campaigns are exclusive.

What does the success of a coupon marketing campaign depend on?

The most important success factors for a successful voucher marketing campaign are, from our point of view, the voucher amount and customer-friendly and comprehensibly presented voucher conditions, such as „From a purchase value of 30 EUR, you will receive a percentage discount of 15% on your purchase with the voucher code „Sparen15″“.

In addition, it is important that the field for entering the voucher code is clearly visible at your online store, so that you do not lose customers because they do not find the input field for the voucher code.

Of course, there are many other success factors for the success of your coupon marketing campaigns.

If you want to learn more success factors, send us an email with the subject „free tips“ to vertrieb@verbundwerbung24.de. We will then send you our free guide to successful coupon marketing.

What does a print voucher marketing campaign cost at Verbundwerbung24?

The costs depend on the circulation of the medium you choose, the quality of the advertising medium, the size of the desired advertisement and the attractiveness of the discount you publish with us.

All our prices are expressed in CPM (cost per thousand contacts), so you can directly compare our prices with other advertising prices.

As an initial estimate, you can expect a CPM of 5.00 EUR to 25.00 EUR for a print campaign, depending on the advertising medium and circulation.

What performance can we expect?

How much revenue and how many sales you can generate with a campaign from Verbundwerbung24 depends on various factors, such as your brand awareness, the amount of your voucher, the voucher conditions (minimum order value, brands and product categories excluded from the discount) and your product range.

The performance of your voucher also depends on which campaigns you book with us. We run campaigns with smaller and larger print runs and, as a rule, high-volume campaigns generate a higher performance, but are also associated with higher advertising costs. We also run campaigns that focus on different target groups, so choosing the right campaign also has a strong influence on our mutual success.

We’ll be happy to tell you which campaign is right for your brand and you, after we’ve gotten to know you and your goals, in a free get-to-know-you meeting.

You can book an appointment for a free initial consultation with us here.